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As the summer came to an end, we met up again for Faithspace and had lots of stories to share. Some of us had been away on holiday - others had been for days out or met up with family and friends. A group of regulars to Faithspace had also been on a day trip to the seaside. As we shared out stories together, we thought about how God is interested in our life story. click here for more


Life is often depicted as a journey, and for most of us the road that we travel will sometimes be filled with joy and pleasure, while at other times involve pain, fear and struggle. It can often be mixture of the two! We have been thinking recently about the phrase 'We preach Christ crucified' and how this conveys a vision of Christian faith that recognises God's ultimate victory while also embracing our earthly struggles. As we gathered together, we reflect on the twists and turns of our life journeys. click here for more


Life can be full of contradictions, but sometimes the deepest truths and meanings can be found when we look at them more closely. When we were together in April we spent some time thinking about one of the foundational statements of the Christian faith. Although a profound truth when you look at it more closely, it is laced with contradiction. click here for more

What does the cross mean to you?

We see crosses everywhere; by the sides of roads, on the front of books - many of us will have pieces of jewellery in the shape of a cross. But what does the cross mean to you? This was a question that we explored together at our last Faithspace gathering. We shared different stories and experiences as we chose a cross and decorated in a way that meant something to us. more

We live in a world that surrounds us with words. Advertisers make us extravagant promises, politicians make grand speeches - posters, hoardings, instructions, warnings: wherever we go, we are bombarded by words. But how do we know which words we can rely on and which are empty promises or exaggerated claims? The Christian faith is founded on what we believe to be the Word of God - what is it that makes the Word of God different? Click here for more.

What's on your plate?

At our January gathering we reflected on a story from the Gospels when a young boy gave up his lunch and 5000 people were fed. What he had, seemed small compared to the needs of the crowd, but he gave it anyway. We might often feel that what we have to offer is of little worth, but God can surprise us click here to find out more.

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