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In FaithSpace we are used the season of remembrance to reflect on our own memories. Memory Chains are a fun and practical way of connecting with our memories and sharing them with others. This reflection recognises how memories both enrich us and fill us with sadness - sometimes both at the same time!

Memory is a gift,
Yet one that is not without price.

Through my memories,
My mind can still journey
To treasured places,
That only thoughts can now inhabit;
To moments with loved ones,
Who might no longer be here.

But when the road has been painful;
When its burdens and tragedies have proved hard to bear;
Their memory can haunt me; inflicting in the here and now.
Hurts from which I long to be released.

Memories remind us
Of all that has been good,
But cannot do their task,
Without heightening the pain when it is lost.

Memories enrich and sustain us
When the present is disappointing or mundane

Memories are the storehouse of past happiness
That spur us to seek happiness again
And sweeten the sadness
When things we hold precious must be left behind

A prayer giving thanks to God for memories

A prayer for when we are troubled by memories of our own failings

A prayer for when our memories cause us pain