Loaves and Fish

The story of the Loaves and fish remind us that God can do more than we might imagine with the things we place in his hands. We were encouraged not to allow our sense of failure or inadequacy to stop us believing that God values and welcomes the person we are. The story must have begun with a woman simply getting on with the everyday task of making bread, never imagining that the lunch she prepared for her son would take centre stage in a story that has been preserved and re-told for centuries.

The things I have to offer
May seem unimportant
And feel of little use

But you are not constrained
By the limits of our imagination;
You refuse to comply
With the values of our world.

I offer what I have
With confidence not in the gift
Or even the giver
But the one into whose hands
My offering is placed.

This song by Corrine May captures some of these thoughts.

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