When people come together, there are always events to catch up on and stories to share. We chose statements from a series of cards that summed up a story that we wanted to share, and then told it to the others around our table. We gathered all of the cards together, each one representing someone's story. As we held them, we were reminded how God holds us all in his hands, that life is a gift from God, and we expressed our thanks to God for the stories and events we had shared.

You may like to spend some time reflecting on your own life stories. We used this reflection to help us appreciate God's presence in those stories and our experience of sharing them:

We tell our stories;
Share our woes;
Outline our hopes,
And express our concerns.

And as our lives cross,
And our pathways come together,
God is present
In our prayers and conversation.

The song Faithful One by Brian Doerksen helped us to reflect on God's unchanging nature and God's presence in every story and situation.

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