slice of birthday cake with candle on top

When we gathered for Remembrance Sunday 2018, it was also the first Anniversary of our Faithspace gatherings. We celebrated with cake of course but this also gave us the chance to think about the last 12 months and what has happened in our lives in that time. First we took some cotton threads to remind us of people whose friendship and company has been particularly important to us. We were invited to choose a colour that in some way or other reminded us of them.

threads twisted together

We then tied knots in our threads to remind us of important days and events that have happened for us in the last year. Some had started new schools, changed classes, retired, moved house, celebrated special anniversaries or been on once in a lifetime holidays. We had met people, shared key moments with people and for some, people had left our lives. Our knotted threads represented our different stories and those who have been part of them.

twisted threads tied in knot

We shared a prayer as we brought the threads of our lives together in God's presence. Click here to read the prayer.

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