multi-coloured strands of thread

The threads of our lives
Wind their way
Through light and darkness;
Through good times and bad.

Where they cross and intertwine,
And bonds form that hold us strong,
Make us thankful, O God,
For those who share this common journey

And when it feels,
That ours is the only strand,
Frayed and pulled to breaking point;
Help us to believe
That you are always there.

As our lives weave together,
In familiar and uncertain patterns,
Help us to sense your purpose,
And trust your goodness.


Love each other is a song by Graham Kendrick that reminds us of when Jesus gathered with his friends and knelt to wash their feet. This was to remind them of his call to love each other. In the conversation that followed Jesus uttered these immortal words:

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another

That same evening Jesus went on to make another statement that is particularly recalled during remembrance season:

Greater love has no-one than this - to lay down their life for their friends

remembrance poppies growing in field

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