God's Word - A reflection

We often speak of the Bible as the Word of God. The reflection that follows helps us to think about what a profound claim that is

In the beginning was the Word.
The voice of God;
A voice of such power
That at its bidding the very forces and laws of nature
Were summoned into being.
A voice with authority
To command atoms and microbes into existence,
Defining their Shapes and structures
As the building blocks of the Universe.

The Word of God
Echoing through millennium after millennium.
Every new day and evening sunset;
Every bud that breaks new life though seasoned bough;
Every cloud that gathers its vapours,
To pour life-giving rain over thirsty ground;
Stands as creation’s answer
To that summons from the dawn of time.

The Word of God
No voice more powerful
No voice more necessary,
For everything we are, everything we see,
Everything we aspire to be
Traces its source to those Divine decrees
That we call creation.

Who would not want to hear such a voice?
Or crave to encounter that Word afresh each day?
A Word which in His grace and love And through the faithfulness and endeavour of generations of His People
God has entrusted to written page.

Made so available
And placed within our grasp
May it never become so familiar
That we lose the awe and wonder
That such holy stanzas deserve
And cease to realise just what it means
To hold in our hands
That which we dare to call
The Word of God!

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