What's on your plate?

Lots of us will have a favourite mug at home or in our workplace, that often says something about us. As we sat and talked together, each of us was invited to imagine what our favourite plate might look like. We used paper plates to make designs. patterns and pictures that say something about the person we are. We used a couple of songs to help us reflect on what God thinks about us as people. What if God was one of us? by Joan Osborne seems to ask the question whether God fully understands the kind of things we have on our plate

The stories of the Gospels remind us that in Jesus, God has become one of us. O God you search me and you know me is a song by Bernadette Farrell that is based on the words of Psalm 139. It reflects the truth that God knows and understands the realities that we face and values us for the person that we are.

Loaves and Fish
One story from the Gospels tells of how a teenage boy quite literally gave Jesus what was on his plate. Many would have seen it as an inadequate and useless gesture, but Jesus took what he had and fed a huge crowd. The story reminds us that even if we feel we have little to offer, God values and welcomes what we bring. see more

Things that burden us
'I've got a lot on my plate' is a phrase we often use when we are busy or have a lot to cope with. In the Gospels, Jesus made an invitation to those who are 'weary and burdened' - we might paraphrase that today 'If you've got a lot on your plate, let me share the load' see more

Things we long for
When we look at what's on our plate, there are things we might wish we had more of. Those in the crowd that day saw something of God's miraculous provision. Yet God chose to use the generous gift of a young follower as the means of providing for others. see more

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